Find, loot and craft ship equipment. Cross platform play between mobile, windows and mac.
Real time battles with up to 3v3 players. Build stations and defend them from rivals.
Build and customise a huge fleet of ships. Fight in a single persistant universe.
Join a Corporation and battle for control of sectors. Real time PvE and PvP battles, solo and group play.
Game News
Update inbound.

[ Sector Restrictions ]

I have added some new restricted areas to the galaxy, this is a small test of the new system. All players will now be able to see the new player area, but they will only be able to access it with smaller fleets.

This system will be used in the upcoming pvp event.

The new fleet protection system will be turned on later this week, it will allow for a dedicated pvp 1v1 zone.

[ Chips ]

The stores have been updated to have rigging purchasable with chips, you can also exchange your war credits.

Things might seem a bit pricey at the moment, I will be keeping an eye on it over the next couple of days and adjust prices accordingly. There has been a massive influx of chips due to the new market, so I need to see how it all runs for a bit.

I will add the exchange for corporation credits once I’ve seen how this update goes.

[ Other ]

The final update for the pvp compatibility will be available on the stores by the end of the week, ready for the first pvp event next week!

Thanks everyone for your feedback, I know there has been a lot changing recently so it’s always good to hear your thoughts. Pop on the discord if you want to chat directly.

Game Events
08:09 Mon Dec 2018
Sector Captured
TAC2 captured a Sector from The Separatist
07:28 Mon Dec 2018
Sector Captured
THE__HORDE captured a Sector from Les Chevaliers
05:50 Mon Dec 2018
Sector Captured
The Senate captured a Sector from Dark Zodiac
05:39 Mon Dec 2018
Sector Captured
Legend of Fire captured a Sector from KINGS OF AGES
05:35 Mon Dec 2018
Sector Captured
Legend of Fire captured a Sector from KINGS OF AGES

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