Find, loot and craft ship equipment. Cross platform play between mobile, windows and mac.
Real time battles with up to 3v3 players. Build stations and defend them from rivals.
Build and customise a huge fleet of ships. Fight in a single persistant universe.
Join a Corporation and battle for control of sectors. Real time PvE and PvP battles, solo and group play.
Game News
Forge update

Hey everyone, as with the last update the new forge update will be available in the next 1-4 days depending on your device ( Some stores like Apple take time to review the game ). I’m sorry this is a bit later than I hoped, I had a hard drive fail on my pc so had to get all my software and setup back together.

I’ve also updated the roadmap with two new items that will be coming soon.

Once this update is released I will begin work on the new corporation features, this will be a big update!
Game Events
10:13 Thu Feb 2019
Sector Captured
TAC captured a Sector from The SINdicate
06:55 Thu Feb 2019
Sector Captured
Lost Kingdom captured a Sector from MAYNIACS
04:34 Thu Feb 2019
Sector Captured
The SINdicate captured a Sector from TAC
00:30 Thu Feb 2019
Sector Captured
MAYNIACS captured a Sector from Lost Kingdom
22:39 Wed Feb 2019
Sector Captured
The Salvation captured a Sector from PT phone home

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