Find, loot and craft ship equipment. Cross platform play between mobile, windows and mac.
Real time battles with up to 3v3 players. Build stations and defend them from rivals.
Build and customise a huge fleet of ships. Fight in a single persistant universe.
Join a Corporation and battle for control of sectors. Real time PvE and PvP battles, solo and group play.
Game News
PvP Event

The first test of the PvP event and system updates is ready to go!

During the PvP event you will only get points in the PvP sectors, the sectors are restricted to different fleet strengths.

There are two new systems:

- Protection: Fleets will be protected once they enter a PvP sector, this protection will last for a few seconds. While protected you cant be attacked, however the protection will end the moment you attack someone else. Protection will also be active while warping and for a few seconds after battle.

- Solo Battles: Battles in the PvP area are restricted to 1v1.

Currently the PvP event will be based on your score from battles. I will be collecting information during this event, if all goes well I am hoping to have your score in future PvP events go up and down, depending on your wins or losses.

The two new systems for protection and solo battles might also be used in future sectors and events if they work well. I look forward to everyone's feedback.

[ New Stuff ]

I have a few new weapons coming soon as well as 1 new ship, I will announce them as soon as the designs have been completed. I have some codenames: "Swarm Rockets", "X10 Cannon", "S-Nuke" and the amazingly named "Lighting gun".
Game Events
15:59 Sat Dec 2018
Sector Captured
Space Nations captured a Sector from The Senate
15:53 Sat Dec 2018
Sector Captured
Space Nations captured a Sector from The Senate
14:22 Sat Dec 2018
Sector Captured
Ninth_Legion captured a Sector from we are farmers
07:52 Sat Dec 2018
Sector Captured
The SINdicate captured a Sector from FacelessLegion
07:48 Sat Dec 2018
Sector Captured
Altair Legion captured a Sector from OnePercenT

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