Command your fleets, capture enemy player sectors and conquer the galaxy in this deep, real-time strategy game. Form a corporation with other players and declare war to take the galaxy for your own, fight off alien XENO invasions and create an unbeatable fleet.

Galaxy Control

Take your fleets and conquer the galaxy. Gain control of Outposts, upgrade them with defenses and reap the rewards. Join a Corporation and take part in 3v3 Outpost assaults to show your strength.

Station Building

Your Control Center, Fleet bay, Research center, Workshop, Drone bay are all ready for you.
Send Drones to harvest resources or respond to distress calls. Use your research bay to unlock powerful new weapons, craft them in the workshop and upgrade your ships.

Custom Ships

Upgrade your ships with new weapons and fittings. Use powerful Cells and Riggings to boost ship performance. Use the Enkars powerful range boost to blast your enemies with vollys of rockets. Deploy a Guardian Titan with full repair systems to boost you and your allies during battle.


A constantly evolving game. Check the in game roadmap for a list of amazing new features and improvements.

[ Account News ]

Hey all, as you all know the game is moving back to the Seven Point Red account on all stores.
There is a small issue with people playing on Amazon devices, this only impacts people only play on Amazon devices via the Amazon app store, everyone else is fine.
Amazon will not move login data when the game moves back to my account, meaning that the login with amazon feature will not work for players that have already connected to an amazon account.
If you keep the game installed and you are logged in then your game account will just reconnect again when you open the app and all will be well. However if you come back to the game on a new Amazon device or you reinstall then you will not be able to access your account.

This will only impact a tiny amount of players who move between Amazon devices. Going forward I want the game on more platforms ( like Discord or Steam ). In order to make things easier I am adding a standard email/password login to the game, this means that you will no longer need to use the magic codes or sync your devices when changing what platform you play on. It will also help with lost accounts as you can just request a password reset.

The login with amazon/google play/facebook/gamecenter will still exist and you can use them as you do right now, this is an optional extra.

The next version of the game will allow you to set an email and password from the settings screen, please do! There will also be a logout feature, logout can also optionally logout all devices that have ever logged in, if you feel the need for it.

On a data privacy note, now that I will be storing email addresses I want everyone to know I don’t do anything with them except use them for the login or any service emails that might be needed ( big news, password reset etc ). Also, if you want, you can always request the email address gets deleted and I will purge it from the database.

[ Also, just some notes on upcoming version, not full patch notes. ]

- The next update will help with attacking noobs, it will stop people attacking fleets much weaker than their own.
- The next update will stop players you are at war with from joining your side in ANY battle, not just stations.
02:05 Wed Jul 2019
Sector Captured
THE__HORDE captured a Sector from THE FLOOD
01:57 Wed Jul 2019
Sector Captured
THE__HORDE captured a Sector from The PIMP
01:52 Wed Jul 2019
Sector Captured
THE__HORDE captured a Sector from TAC
01:43 Wed Jul 2019
Sector Captured
THE__HORDE captured a Sector from NoMercy
01:38 Wed Jul 2019
Sector Captured
THE__HORDE captured a Sector from The PIMP