Command your fleets, capture enemy player sectors and conquer the galaxy in this deep, real-time strategy game. Form a corporation with other players and declare war to take the galaxy for your own, fight off alien XENO invasions and create an unbeatable fleet.

Galaxy Control

Take your fleets and conquer the galaxy. Gain control of Outposts, upgrade them with defenses and reap the rewards. Join a Corporation and take part in 3v3 Outpost assaults to show your strength.

Station Building

Your Control Center, Fleet bay, Research center, Workshop, Drone bay are all ready for you.
Send Drones to harvest resources or respond to distress calls. Use your research bay to unlock powerful new weapons, craft them in the workshop and upgrade your ships.

Custom Ships

Upgrade your ships with new weapons and fittings. Use powerful Cells and Riggings to boost ship performance. Use the Enkars powerful range boost to blast your enemies with vollys of rockets. Deploy a Guardian Titan with full repair systems to boost you and your allies during battle.


A constantly evolving game. Check the in game roadmap for a list of amazing new features and improvements.


Hey everyone!

I am seeing some really good feedback on the subsystems, there are some minor things I will be changing such as the drop rates based on fleet strength, but overall it has been really positive.

There has been a server patch with a few changes:
- Night Ravens will now join battles if their allies are outnumbered.
- The first cell slot on ships is now unlocked by default.
- X10 Ability recharge increased to match other weapons.
- Range circles added for AML and pulse bomb.
- More bounties have been added, they will also be shuffled and randomly change every day.
- The reporting system has had an update so I can better handle multiple reports.

I have also made good progress on the new corporation rewards for holding sectors, I have added some test code in this patch to allow me to see how it matches up against the current rewards.
Nothing will change for you, the current system is exactly the same, this is only for development purposes.
The idea is that sector payouts will be calculated every 30 minutes and added a corporation bank, then paid out every 6 hours. This allows you to earn chips from outposts even if you are not holding it at the payout time, this should spread out outpost attack times rather than the dash to capture just before payouts.
Sector payouts will also be impacted by wars, alliances, outpost level and capture time: any neighbouring sectors you are at war with will decrease payouts, allied neighbouring sectors or neighbouring sectors you own will increase payout. Higher level outposts will pay out more, there will also be a slight penalty for the first X hours after capturing.
Payouts might be per member, not for the whole corporation. So earning 50,000 chips with 10 members would give 5,000 each.
There will also be a new screen in the corporation showing todays current earnings and yesterdays totals.
As I mentioned, this is just for development at the moment so nothing changes right now, not until I have it balanced and get some feedback based on this post.

There will be a new version out soon with more fixes, some improved screens and changes to slot blocking for alliances/wars.

08:16 Mon May 2019
Sector Captured
Faceless Fear captured a Sector from F A L L E N
08:15 Mon May 2019
Sector Captured
Faceless Fear captured a Sector from F A L L E N
08:14 Mon May 2019
Sector Captured
Faceless Fear captured a Sector from F A L L E N
08:13 Mon May 2019
Sector Captured
Faceless Fear captured a Sector from F A L L E N
08:12 Mon May 2019
Sector Captured
Faceless Fear captured a Sector from F A L L E N